Genealogy and Research Library

History Center staff assists patrons who visit the genealogy library for personal research purposes.  Staff provides orientation to the library and its collection as well as the use of computers, copiers, and microform equipmentDue to staffing and time constraints, the primary focus of staff is to serve as patron advisor, answering ready reference questions, assisting in locating materials, and moderating the operation of equipment.  Staff assists patrons in accessing and interpreting library information but does not conduct research for patrons or compile family histories.  Since the library is organized to be self-service and accessible as an open collection, donations are requested above stated entrance fee for any extended staff assistance required.

Library Entrance Fee:
– Half-day (3.5 hours) self-service research:  $5 per person plus photocopy fees
– Full-day (7 hours) self-service research:  $10 per person plus photocopy fees

Self-service Copy Fees: $0.50 per 8 ½” X 11” page off photocopy machine $1.00 per 8 ½” X 14” and 11” X 17” page off photocopy machine $1.00 per page off microform machines

Copyright Restrictions: Patrons are responsible for adhering to copyright restrictions and abiding by acceptable use policy or their privilege to access the library will be revoked. 

Microfilm Use: Microfilm machine and digital index use may be limited to 15-minute increments in order to serve all patrons.   

Personal Items: You can bring paper and pencils, and research notes. No coats, briefcases, purses, computer bags, food, beverages, or scanners. Lockers are available.

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